Presented by Hub Los Angeles
830 Traction Ave #3A, Los Angeles 90013 (map)
Tuesday, September 24 from 7–10pm

Come join us for the second LA Sopa event on Tuesday, September 24th at 7pm! Meet and connect with LA's diverse communities of design, media/entertainment, social enterprise, investors, and non-profits to turn creative ideas into action—all by sharing a simple bowl of soup.

Here's how it works:

You pay $15 ($10 for Hub LA members), which goes into a communal pot. Seats and soup are limited, so get your tickets now to guarantee a spot, otherwise it may be standing room only.

Enjoy a locally-sourced soup meal (ingredients generously provided by Urban Radish) with fellow impact-minded individuals. BYOB.

During dinner, 4–5 small-scale creative projects will be shared that have a positive social/environmental impact for the Los Angeles community. If you have an idea you'd like to share, please apply!

After the dinner, everyone gets to vote on their favorite project. The top vote-receiving idea gets the communal pot of money to help make it a reality.

Food brings people and ideas together. Inspired by Detroit Soup, LA Sopa is an experiment founded on the belief that when people and ideas come together, great things can happen. These are the projects being shared at the 2nd LA Sopa:

Academy of Handmade: Sharon Fain & KC Cooper Sears
Supporting and celebrating makers and craft artists through an awards ceremony that would be the Oscars of crafting. Looking for support to produce the event and secure a location.

Computers for a Cause: Gabe Middleton
Eliminating the digital divide in Los Angeles by transforming unwanted or inoperative computers into operational and educational tools to those in need. Looking for support to scale and serve more members of LA in need.

ELM: Mia Pokriefka, Elissa O'Dell
Disrupting the stigma of mental health by curating a series of interactive classes to engage with the material, connect with thought leaders and fellow students, and disrupt by taking action. Looking for support to test the first class.

India America Assistive Technology Exchange: Martin Sweeney
Growing assistive technology awareness and development that helps people with disabilities and their families find tools to support daily living and enhance quality of life. Looking for support to develop the platform and connect Indian and American AT specialists, educators, advocates, and users.

LocoFund: Dana Weiss
Redirecting carbon offset dollars to local projects to increase transparency, reliability, and volume of participation. Magnifying its local impact on jobs, economy, and the environment. Looking for support to prototype the platform and build out a team.

Papermache: Benjamin Fenigsohn
Taking information beyond restrictive academic journals and connecting an underserved group, undergraduates, across disciplines and campuses around research and collaboration. Looking for support to establish content and growing a peer base.

Semi-Aware: Jonathan Tobin
Increasing access to legal services and information among creative professionals through workshops, content, and new ways for people to interact with the law and lawyers. Looking for support to prototype and promote the project.

About Hub Los Angeles
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